Ratman & Bobin!!!

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Ratman & Bobin!!!

3 Reasons Why Ratman & Bobin Crush

Even in an alternate earth, the city of Gotham is still a nightmare of crime and corruption. Villains are always at work and the police force is powerless yet again. In this dimension, there is no bat-obsessed superhero to save the day. There is only Ratman & Bobin. Here are the reasons why these two could take on the world!


1) They were born poor

Unlike Iron Man, Batman or Thor who didn't have to struggle between paying the bills and fighting crime, Ratman & Bobin grew up POOR AF. They are SUPER gritty as a result. Ratman grew up in the slums, trying to make ends cheese wherever he could. Bobin was the son of a butcher. They both started from the bottom.


2) Bobin looks nonthreatening

Bobin is extremely overweight and does not look threatening in the slightest. The criminals and punks that Ratman and Bobin bring justice to do not fear Bobin. They do not give him any credit. They scoff at him. Once a criminal remarked to his criminal counterpart: "Look at that fatso! He looks like an old man who just finished binge watching breaking bad!" Little do they know...... 

Actually, they're totally right, Bobin is extremely useless... He does love a good binge watching session. But Ratman's superhero capabilities more than make up for it, and Bobin is able to confuse the opponent and lull them into a false sense of security while Ratman does his work. 

3) They do it for all the right reasons

Ratman does it for the love of the people & his unrelenting desire for equality for all.. human or rodent. He does not do it for vanity or for praise. He does not do it to pull the hottest rat chicks. He does it because he believes in righteousness. Bobin does it to pay the bills so he can keep the pizza and Netflix flowing... more power to him.   

Ratman & Bobin are often misunderstood in the superhero community. Do not take them lightly, as they are the real deal. Except for Bobin, who is truly very replaceable. 

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